Chance vs. Skill Based Casino Games

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These two are the broadest forms of all casino games whereby you can actually classify every casino game into luck or skill game. Historically, gambling has always been considered as the purely luck based playing format; coz skill was not a determining factor in those days. Except few card games, all money spinning games were purely based on a luck factor. Even today, this philosophy is not changed; you can still believe every casino game to be a luck based game, except few games. Notably, many cards games are now considered as skill games but they were used to consider as luck based games in the past. Like Poker, which is now a reputed skill based game but in its earlier days poker was only a form of gathering cards where card’s dealing was mare a chance based activity, coz no one knows which card he is going to have. So, the debate is still on as which playing form should be chosen by an average individual.

The answer and decision is quite subjective and may vary according to the players own skills, his playing experience, his understanding to casino industry, and other allied factors which could affect his wining possibilities. It’s true that maximum numbers of casino games are being played with a luck input and this evenness makes these games more demanding among novices to casino industry. Take an example of a player who has never played a casino game and who is equally scarred of losing money by playing a random casino game. This breed of players are the target players for luck based online casino games, coz here a game’s results is not affected by players skills, perhaps, his own luck and divine forces push him to win a prize.

While, on the other hand, skill based games are in more liking of experienced players who are long being with online casino industry and know every game and its probable winning chances. We have many poker pros who have devoted their entire life in learning poker and still consider themselves mare basic poker players. Hence, players own intelligence plays a great role in choosing which gaming format is right for them. Further, there’re also some pressure forces which compel you to play a particular game sometimes. Otherwise, generally, it’s a player’s own decision either to follow luck based games or skill based games. However, before targeting any game, every player should know his own weaknesses and strengths only then he can expect to prolong his online casino career.